Just a woman and her dog

Ginger and ACD is run by one redhead woman and her beautiful Australian Cattle Dog, Skipper, that she adopted from a rescue. Together, they make a great team. 

We are a vintage shop that also lists collectibles and some handmade items. The vintage items were once mine, my husband's or a family member. Each item has been cared for and cherished for many years. These items are listed with the hope that they find their way to someone else who will love and cherish them as well.
I do my best to notate any and all issues I find on vintage items. 
All items are cleaned before they are listed. I do kindly ask that you do not message me to haggle the price of an item. All of my prices are firm and will not be changed unless I am running a sale. 

Have a question on an item? Please don't hesitate to send me a message. 

-Ashley & Skipper

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